January 5th, 2005

Flying Ace

Well, it sounded odd to ME.

I have been sick the last few times I made it to kickboxing.  Last night though I felt pretty good and even though I wake up every morning a giant phlem ball, I feel I am very much on the mend.

Anyway, last night we were doing our cool down stretches  and as I am leaning over a leg I hear Sabina say, "Try to put your forehead on your chin."
I keep stretching and then as if out of a dim fog,  my brain perks up and says, "What did she say?"
So I murmer to the girl next to me.  "Did she just say put your forehead on your CHIN?"

She looks at me blankly.

"Forehead on your SHIN."

Oh. Very obviously DUH, but enough people heard and started snickering.

Sabina looks up at me and says,  "Good to have you back Jeanette."


It's back! 2005 Naked Tuesday!

Life drawing last night!  Hooray!

  Miles: 5 minutes each

A new model tonight.  I wish I had got it a bit better but he had these wonderful dreadlocks and a really interesting face.  He looked like a soulful poet.  His poses weren't really that dynamic, but the way the light played off his skin more than made up for it.

  Miles: 15 minutes

I feel a bit "meh," about this drawing but I also consider that after a 3 week absence I'm a little rusty.  But still, a bad night of life drawing is better than a good night of a LOT of other things.

What do you think, sirs?
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Flying Ace

Phantom vs Into The Woods

So I had a long too indepth conversation about musicals this morning with one of my coworkers (the new animator, huzzah huzzah!) and the subject of Phantom of the Opera came up. 
As before, I admit when I was a 16 year old teenager I loved Phantom...though as the years pass it gets more and more eyerolling.  "Christine!  Angel!" Indeed.  The Phantom was a wacko and Raul was a doofus.

I think I have figured out  the appeal though.

Phantom of the Opera is every teenage girls ultimate wish fulfillment musical.

Look how pretty and talented and misunderstood Christine is!  Suddenly though, she's the star, everybody loves her and her really big problem is which 2 men who utterly adore her will she choose?  The dark and mysterious and (yes) dangerous older man or her now suddenly handsome, popular and (yes) very rich childhood sweetheart ?  Darn, talk about real life tough choices!  I mean, come ON!
And how CONVENIENT the Phantom gives in and quits terrorizing her after she ultimately decides to go with the pretty safe boy.  Talk about decisions with NO consequences.  Snort!

So, Phantom of the Opera will always be popular as long as there are young girls who wish they were Christine and had her problems.  I'm trying to figure out the appeal for the guys though.  Thoughts?

On the other hand, let us consider the winner of the 87 Tony Award for Best New Musical which righteously and properly kicked Phantoms butt:

Into the Woods tackles many meaty issues and like real life, doesn't always neatly wrap up quite as nicely as a fairy tale.  The first act ends with "Happily Ever After."  The second act is, whoops!  What HAPPENED after!  Children are born, people die, hard decisions are made, people are betrayed, people are given support by unlikely sources, people blame mothers...it's messy and thrilling and way more throught provoking.

Instead of cliched characters, Into the Woods doesn't turn them upside down but insteads offers different lighting on them.  For example ITW makes you think about the following:

Yeah, that wolf was hungry to devour Little Red, but she DID stray off the path.  And dude, her mother warned her!
Princes are born to be charming...not sincere.
Just WHY was Rapunzel locked into that tower?
Even the other characters think it strange Cinderella can talk to birds.
Jack is really not the same boy after climbing that beanstalk.

Anyway, ramble ramble ramble.  But yeah...Into the Woods kicks Phantom of the Opera's pretentious hiney.  So there.