December 29th, 2004

Flying Ace

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Let me explain. No, there is no time. Let me sum up:

Good day at work yesterday. Got more Sunstone commissions. Also got hit with another brilliant idea for a Sunday strip. Bah. Stay tuned on that.

Gave Mark B and Mark A a tour of Smartbomb. Went to dinner with Mark A and Mark B and Mark B's girlfriend and one of her friends. Good food, good conversation with the friend.

Saw a really fun concert (Voicemale, one of the singers was Mark B's girlfriend's brother, follow?) had a good chat with Mark B, went to JBs across the street, gave a few impromptu lectures to Mark B, Mark A and husband of Friend #2 of Mark B's girlfriend (confused yet,) talked to Mark B and doing a short for Siggraph in NZ as well as doing some other animation lecctures while there. BING!

Drank hot water with a little lemon and honey. Voice GONE, throat feels raw and bloody. Went home with Mark A, loaned him my Leahy CDs because good driving music.

Drew a Red Sparrow (poor Prec,) went to bed. Strange haunting dreams that linger throughout the day and make me long to be able to pick them up when I fall asleep now like a good book that has waited for me.

Went to work late today, goodbye Mark A, worked on game. Worked on short for Siggraph NZ, got a few co workers aboard. Suddenly I'm a bona fide director with a deadline for a festival. Very exciting. I need 8 of me.

And now to bed. Yearning for dreams.

Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight.
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