December 22nd, 2004

Flying Ace

Lord Darthac and Rampaging Cybernetic Chimpandillos

It has been a good day. We had a holiday party where my white elephant was met with loud raucous laughter (I gave a copy of "Dating for Dummies,") and the present I received was met with much glee. I got one of the old original Macs. Now I have two to convert fully into MacQuariums. How odd knowing that once upon a time someone paid close to 2K for it...and it was found in a FIELD and given to me as a holiday gag gift.
The G3 that I used to have and loved dearly is now going on ebay for approximately 350-500 dollars. Wow.

Also in other big fun news Red Sparrow is starting to COOK like I hoped that it would. I have an offer of help with another retooling of the site but I am most excited at the goings on of the LJers who have taken on characters from the comic strip. In the strip today Brock has had a very BAD day...but boy read her LJ and you really feel for her:

Beware rampaging cybernetic chimpandillos!

Oh, and feel free to comment GALORE to these guys. Especially Lord Darthac. That guy is NUTS.

The Chimpandillos are coming!!!
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