December 15th, 2004


Naked Tuesdays

It was a good night though sadly the last one of the year.  It just gets too hectic during the Christmas season and so Kamille has ended life drawing until January.  I shall miss it.

The always interesting Cassandra was back.  She brought along a CD of Hawaiin luau tunes and took her poses with the music.  Made for an interesting effect.

Fifteen Minutes:

Twenty Minutes: With drapery no less!

What do you think, sirs?
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The one where I toot my own horn:

I finally got my review today.

Some highlights:


"Jett has consistently performed in an efficient manner as to meeting deadlines and coping with changes and priorities.  She never complains and is always willing redo the work if it means improving the final work product.  She has taken the initiative on a number of occasions to make improvements and has made valuable contributions to all Smart Bomb Projects she has been involved in."

Initiative and Resourcefulness:
"Jett is excellent at solving problems - as evidenced by her approaches to animating (the character in the game.)  She can come up with ideas, work out animation problems with little direction and uses what is available without complaint.  She is a  real self starter and usually requires no direction outside of the animation list provided from the designers.  She asks questions when needed and takes the initiative to improve her animation even when the pressure is there in a hurry."

And my favorite:

Interpersonal skills:

"Again Jett meets and in some cases exceeds expectations.  She has a good relationship and works effectively with her co-workers.  She is willing to collaborate and take suggestions by ofther when it's called for.  She is open and friendly and is liked by everyone who works closely with her.  She is an exceptional resource when working with outside visitors as she can captivate an audience with her sense of humor and talent which reflects well on the company."

(In other words, when a tour goes by, they stay by my desk for a long, long time.)

So it went very well.
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