December 14th, 2004

Flying Ace

Sleigh Ride

One of my most favorite holiday songs to listen to is Sleigh Ride.

Done properly it makes me want to run around screaming with excitement for Christmas.

...and you?
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    Sleigh Ride-Boston Pops

The Evening Report...

Well the sketchbooks were a smash hit with my friends at life drawing. I knew they would like them but they just kept raving and raving. This is a fun little hobby that could seriously be getting out of hand but I really enjoy making them. I'd like to take a real book binding class. Kamille had a book that showed bunches of really neat binding and my jaw just dropped. I wouldn't even know how to break those down to begin, but darn if I wouldn't like to attempt to learn.

Kickboxing tonight was GREAT. We did a bunch of crazy lunges with rather heavy weights so I know my legs and butt are really going to be feeling it tomorrow. For upper body I went with the 5 pound weights again and though they really felt heavy (and duh, I'm used to 3 lbs,) it wasn't as bad as last time. I wonder how long before I graduate to 8 lbs. Maybe I should give myself at least until March, eh?

We also practiced doing spinning back kicks and WOW will I be feeling that but it's nice that everything is starting to feel more fluid. They're also a lot easier when you have a target to aim at.

We went through basic forms 1 and 2 again (sigh.) I really want to get up to 5 and 6 but every time we have somebody new we seem to drop back to 1 and 2 again. It's going to take FOREVER to get all the way to 18. I think Sabina knows I am getting antsy about it. I guess we are setting up those neural patterns so I will be able to do them the rest of my life, the same way I can sit down at a piano (with my bad form,) and still play old recital pieces.

I really want to practice 3 and 4 since I need to get those passed off soon. New belt coming up. No, I don't have anything nearly as intensive as my nephew with his karate but I do take this seriously.

RRARR and all that.
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