December 9th, 2004

Flying Ace


WHY isn't it 6:30 already?!  I've been working on some fun animation today only to be told a few hours ago that while is DOES look very neat, it won't work in the game. 

I think it's more like conversations between my mom and my dad.  He  tells her something can't be done, just so he doesn't have  to do,build,buy or rig it.

I am finishing the animation anyway and will fight to have it put in, because dang it all, it's NEAT.

In other news, tonight is our work Christmas party.  They have bought out the Skybox Sports Bar & Grill.  This means free food,  free video games and if you're into that sort of thing,  (I'm not,) an open bar. 
The downside.  You are supposed to bring a significant other. 

Man.  I can't  even get any of my roommates to go!  They have finals.

Oh fun, to be surrounded by my (oh so very) male coworkers, wondering where my date is.

Can't wait for THAT.
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Flying Ace

I must be addicted...

I left a nice restaurant early, didn't play any free video games, didn't have any free dessert... in order to work up a sweat, push my muscles to the screaming point (despite my back has been killing me the last few days,) and do crazy yoga stretches.

I think I really, really, really, really like kickboxing.

Back still hurts though and Beowulf refuses to give backrubs.
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    Bring A Torch, Jeannette Isabe-Kathleen Battle-A Christmas Celebration