December 7th, 2004

Flying Ace

Saw Work and the Glory last night.

I haven't read "Pillar or Light," which this movie is based on  for quite a while so I didn't go into nitpicking every scene or distraught by what was left out.  (Unlike some Harry Potter fans.)  Overall...I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  The pacing got sluggish at times (which is odd considering how much story they had to tell,) but the production values were really top notch.  Hopefully they make back the mere 8 million it took to make the film (and it looks like it cost a lot more than that,) and continue on with the series.

I love Tuesdays...

Tuesdays are my long day but I think that is the reason I like them so much.

There's early morning stuff, work, then life drawing and then kickboxing.  I usually leave the house at 7:30 AM and come home shortly before 10 PM. 

Wulfie is usually happy to see me.
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Flying Ace


Every part of me is sore.

Yesterday was upper body which I worked I think, a bit TOO hard so I spent most of the day feeling rather stiff. Tonight at kickboxing though when we grabbed our weights for the punching routines, my roommate dared me to grab the 5lb weights. The 3 lbs were starting to feel a LITTLE light...but oh man, I don't think I was ready for 5 pounders.

On the other hand, they felt like the two pound weights did when I FIRST started this so it does help me reflect upon improvement.
Speaking of reflecting, right now I am reflecting on how sore my back is, how sore my abs are, how sore my arms are, how sore my chest is, how sore my shoulders are...and after practicing jumping front kicks and jumping roundhouses, how sore my LEGS are too.

And tomorrow morning? That'll be lower body, thank you very much.
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