November 22nd, 2004

Flying Ace

The Wish List: in progress...

To make things easier, in no particular order, here are some things I would like for Christmas:

1. Alarm Clock  (it doesn't have to be this one but I'd like one with the bells.
2. An electric drill.
3. The Art of The Incredibles
4. Glow in the dark stars (for my ceiling of course!)
5. Cookie sheets
6. Eating for Life cookbook
7. Movie poster frames.
8. A stopwatch
9. One of those cool atomic clocks that also tells the temperature outside.
10. A book on machine quilting with patterns.

Things I don't need:
1. Underwear
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Flying Ace

Strange dreams...

I dreamed last night I was in a place where it was a mix from work and school.  It looked like work but I was surrounded by some of my classmates.  I realized that I had been procrastinating an enormous project.  I wasn't too worried until I realized that among all the character designs and layouts, a location design was also required.  (A location design was the assignment that almost derailed me in first year.)  I was greatly upset and sat down to work, searching for my Col-Erase blues.

Part of the project was to come up with 6 peripherial characters so I decided to design creatures that looked a lot like human hands.  I knew what I wanted them to look like but I couldn't draw them the way I envisioned.  My hands had minds of their own in designing these...well, hands. 

I was interrupted by a loud noise and went outside where the world had gone black and white and scratchy, like an old movie.  A blimp flew overhead and I noted that school was in a rather war torn looking area.  As I looked up at the blimp, a door slid open and evil looking men began to rain down body parts on us.  I kept trying to duck skulls and noting with a sick feeling the loud THUNK they would make as they would bounce off cars.  The skulls were not clean.  They were mouldering with bits of grey flesh hanging here and there as well as clumps of hair that clung stubbornly to the bone.  They looked as if they had been chewed on and kicked around.

It appears this was a frequent occurance because the people in the neighborhood with resigned looks on their faces started to collect the parts and try to figure out what part went with what.  As I walked I saw photographs of people standing behind semi assembled skeletons.
I looked up to see the blimp coming by again.

I thought I should get back to work on my project or Mark Simon was going to throw me out of school.

I felt sick.

And then I woke up.
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