October 21st, 2004

Flying Ace

Life Drawing Cartoons

I admit it.  I make cartoons about life drawing ALL the time.  Most of the time though I dash them off during a break on Naked Tuesdays and leave them at the studio.  The next week I come back and they are hanging on the wall by all the fine art.  They are a great favorite with the regulars there as well as several of the models.

A few weeks ago I was telling some of my friends there about an LJ thread that had started about whether or not I ever took any flack for (gasp!) drawing naked people.  One of the more amusing comments came from squidley who reiterated what an art teacher had told him.  "  If she's wearing high heels then it's porn." 

So that evening the ever lovely April came in and took her first pose and for a moment forgot to take her glasses off.  In regards to the conversation before (which she had heard,) I quipped, "See, now with the glasses, there's something vaguely naughty looking about it."

Which brought about this cartoon:
Warning...it IS about life drawing.

April thought it was hilarious.
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