October 8th, 2004



Taken from fridayfiver

1. What is the biggest purchase you've ever made?

Other than school?  My little Geo tracker.

2. Would you describe yourself as a spender or a saver?
I wax and wane.  Right now I'm a "get myself out of debter." Sigh.

3. Do you consider yourself someone who makes environmentally-conscious decisions?
Not so much.

4. What do you envy?
People who are naturally coordinated.

5. Kermit: Just Another Frog or Greatest Thing Ever?
Greatest thing EVER!  A piece of green felt with sliced ping pong balls for eyes sings "It's not that easy bein' green" with Ray Charles and people talk about race relations.
He dates a pig, runs a theater, does news reporting, acts, sings and takes road trips with bears.  Go KERMIT.
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Random things

Kickboxing last night was awesome.  Actually got to spar a little.  (You take it really, really, really slow.  It's like learning the steps to a dance) 

The Jib Jab brothers did it again.  Watched the premiere of "Good to be in DC" last night on Leno.

I get to go window shopping.  First off, I need a window.  Then I need to pick out a MP3/CD player for Friday.  Kewl.

Thinking about going to visit New Zealand next November.  Could be a lot of fun.  Always wanted to go.  I need to get some stamps on my passport.  Canada never stamped it.  BOO.

The volcano cam is cracking me up.  I dunno, think it's raining?

I have about 2 months worth of Red Sparrow to put up.  Hopefully I will be able to sit down and scan them all on Sunday.  Thank you all for your patience.

Because tomorrow I am taking a machine quilting class with my mom.  I've always had a flair for continuous line drawings so this should be fun.

TONIGHT I am watching my sister's kids.  I am excited.  I am bringing a new movie to show them.  (another brilliant example of why Disney is such a mess.  They'll put crap like "Teacher's Pet" into movie theaters but the first Mickey feature (and it's GOOD!  I mean, it's really GOOD) gets shunted with little fanfare straight to DVD?  (and what's up with "Disney DVD"  Why do they always say that?  I mean, a "Disney DVD" is a regular DVD with the name "Disney" in front.  That company needs a lot less Marketeers, y'know?

Today is Bring your Cat to Work Day.  For me anyway.  Beowulf is sacked out on a spare chair next to me.  People stroll by to pet him.  I have the best cat EVER.
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It's now dark out, the only light coming from the computer moniter. I've had a fun evening with the kids. I got Little Caesars (pizza, pizza, pizZA!) we talked, we washed up, I opened my case...and to my horror, realized I had left the DVD in my laptop. Instead we watched Tarzan, one of my fav Disney movies. I hadn't seen it in quite a while and I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how much it reminded me of school. We were crazy excited for that movie to come out. Ah, Tarzan, catch the vine with your feet and take Jane to see the parrots while Phil sings about strangers like me...

I think about some of the great duos in fiction. Tarzan and Jane, Sherlock and Watson, Batman and Robin, Clark and Lois, Kirk and Spock, Xena and Gabrielle. Every superhero needs a counterpart...either to make them look good, or be their confidant, someone to rescue or merely someone to love when they aren't busy fighting for The Greater Good. And occassionally they screw the Greater Good for their partner. Sometimes the needs of the many don't necessarily outweigh the needs of the few...or the one. Sometimes you've got to save the one. (Just ask Jesus about the one lamb vs the ninety and nine.)

Spock was baffled by this, or at least he pretended to be. I myself think he eventually got it. At the end of Star Trek 4, when everyone was facing court martial, did he not say stoicly, "I stand with my friends."?

And some pairs take turns being the hero, y'know? Jane couldn't fight off Clayton but she DID get to rescue Tarzan...giving him a home, a place where he belonged. Gabrielle saved Xena's butt more than once and without Watson providing some stability, (that's a good friend that lets you live with them, play your violin at strange hours and smoke opium.) Sherlock wouldn't have been able to use his devastatingly cutting intellect. I think Sherlock was also an egoist and Watson knew it, constantly praising him.

I note that my list of characters...all of them are superheroes in one sense of another. I mean, Kirk WAS the only man to ever beat the Kobiyashi Maru...even if he DID have to cheat. (And in my line of work, cheating is not a bad word. ) Heck, Xena killed gods. Okay, by that season the writing had totally gone to hell, but the fact is, from her first episode she could do stuff nobody else could. Heck, her battle cry alone practically qualifies her.

I think we like these characters because they represent mankind just a step or two beyond what ordinary men can do...and we like them because they love someone who is ordinary. All of the sidekicks are pretty alpha too in their own right...but Robin will never surpass the Batman. Someone pointed out his surname of "Greyson" wasn't an accident. The son of...the shadow of the grey one. He follows in the footsteps but Dick will always be in The Batman's shadow.

Gabrielle inherited Xena's mantle in the horrifying last 2 or 3 minutes of what would have been a stellar finale. She never wanted it, I still argue that it doesn't fit..but even if she lived out the rest of her life traveling around seeing who could "use a girl with a chakram," she would never surpass Xena. She would make sure of that anyway, being the chief scribe for Xena's exploits. There will never be a show called "Gabrielle: Pacifist Sidekick," y'know?

Something else...I think the sidekicks are mentally stronger than the heroes. Superman needs Lois more than she needs him. Sure, she would be sad if he died (and he did and she was,) but when Lois died, Clark cut himself off from the rest of the world. Kirk risked an entire ship, an entire crew's record in order to go save Spock...and it was all on a hunch. Spock wouldn't do anything like that unless confronted with some irrefutable logic, probably provided by Bones. Gabrielle died and Xena went crazy. Xena died...more than once and while grief stricken, Gabrielle continued to live and make plans for herself. Now who is the sidekick?

So is there really no hero/sidekick at all? The world perceieves it as such but to the duo involved, how do they perceieve themselves? Lois Lane would NEVER describe herself as a sidekick, Spock would deem it illogical to call himself a "sidekick" to Kirk and while Gabrielle might self deprecatingly call herself Xena's sidekick, an entire Amazon nation would take umbridge at that particular notion.

So what about us non fictional mortals? Those of us who live lives not found in the funny papers or between frames in the television or the movies? Is it better to be the hero or the sidekick or nothing at all? I've been a sidekick, I've been a hero and sometimes both in the same relationship and now I think I am a mere mortal. Sometimes I miss my theme music.
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