October 7th, 2004

Flying Ace



I woke up this morning with my roommate knocking on my door and telling me my car had been broken into the night before.  They broke a window and ripped off my radio.  It's my own fault because I had forgotten to take the face off my radio but what really kills me is when I went out to look at it, I noted I had forgotten to lock the back door of my little SUV.  They could have opened THAT door and reached up to unlock the other doors, but NO...they had to break a window.

I've seen  too much CSI.  I wanted to dust for prints, swab for DNA, look for blood on my broken window (and I would have liked to have seen a LOT of blood because then the jerk got HURT stealing my radio!  Instead I talked to a rather bored cop who asked some generic questions (what was taken, where was it,) and gave me a case number.

I want those CD/MP3 players to come equiped with a GPS in the future so I can track exactly where it is and send the cops in to nail their butts to the wall.  MAN!!!  And it was HORRIBLE going to work, seeing that gaping HOLE  (they didn't just take the radio, they took the case it slides in...I can see back into the engine!!!) 

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Flying Ace

Incredibly Japanese...

Good grief, the whole thing is in Japanese and I'm squealing watching it.  This is the first trailer I've seen that hints at the emotional heart of the movie.
Could I BE any more excited?

"Mistaaahhh Increildfmubmle!"  (click the big red button on the lower right hand side and then choose your player and speed.)  PLUS...I think this has bits of the original score.