October 2nd, 2004


Viva success...

I guess my sister was talking to a good friend of hers. They play together a lot and have kids roughly the same ages and they all get along. The friend mentioned to my sister, "Your kids must think I'm like the favorite aunt or something."
"No," my sister replied. "Jeanette's got that one all sewn up!" (I'm paraphrasing from the story I got told.)

Last night was my nephew's party. My mom couldn't make it, (she's been fighting a flu bug,) so since she couldn't go, *I* got to drive with my dad in the Miata and boy, it is the best time of year to have that car. The leaves were spectacular as we drove up the canyon and since my sister was running tres late my dad and I decided to just keep going and see what we could see. It really was awesome to see those colors and drive around in that car.

The party was a great success. I played with all the kids giving them "Giant Rides," (they stand on my feet and we stomp around,) I drew them pictures, I played "Foomp! PING!" and everybody had a great time.
It's fun to be at a party where over half the people there are under 8. Wow. Noise much?

It was funny when we were going to say an opening prayer and S wanted to give it. "Please let this be my best birthday EVER!"

S got a volcano cake (how cool is THAT?) with the bluest icing. All the kids had these lizard blue tongues...I mean BLUE. They got a picture of my niece along with the other girl her age and both of them have honestly abnormal long tongues...made even grosses by the BLUE color.

S made out like a bandit for presents. The first thing he opened was a really nice fleece bathrobe. (Sounds like a weird present for an 8 year old boy but he really wanted one!) and wore it the rest of the night. It was funny to see him sitting in the recliner, wearing a bathrobe. He looked like Jr. Masterpiece Theater.

I was excited for S to open his present from me. I worked rather hard on it and I hoped he would appreciate...which he DID. He opened it up and I think he knew instantly what it was. An enormous homemade sketchbook with a green suede cover. (I was really proud of how it came out.) He rushed me with a hug I wasn't prepared for and I chipped a back tooth...but it was worth it because YAY! He likes his book! I can't wait to see what he draws in it. He's such a talented kid.
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I am really enjoying General Conference. Like always it makes me want to study harder, be better and pray with more intent to LISTEN instead of TALKING.

And 2 new apostles. The job with a really lousy retirement plan. ;)

This is the first General Conference in a while where I have been able to relax and watch all the sessions. I am grateful...GRATEFUL for my new job that allows me to do that. Gracias Senor.

And I really liked the children's choir. They looked like a bag of colored marshmallows up there. I would have LOVED the opportunity to sing in conference when I was a kid. Ah well.