September 29th, 2004


Speaking of Julie Andrews...

Walt Disney was an unabashadly sentimental man.  Every Friday or so he would call his songwriters, the Sherman brothers and they would sit quietly in his office chatting.  The conversation would die down and he would swivel away looking quietly out the window.  They would all sit like that for a bit and then Walt would break  the silence asking simply,  "Play it for me, fellas." 

It was his favorite song and according to the Sherman brothers, he would cry every time. 

And what was it?

"Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins.


Today's bit of Disney history is brought to you by the letter J and the number 27.
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In other news...

Went to kickboxing this morning.  I am liking it more and more.  Okay, so I am BY FAR the least coordinated, limber, strong, atheltic (shall  I go on?) person in the class but I get points for self deprecating humor combined with enough motivation to at least TRY my best even when I know I look like a foo' while I'm at it. I get the occassional looks and grins but I also get the "Hey, good job!" and "Man, it took me SO long to be able to do that, so don't worry about it, it'll come." comment.

Here's the thing though. I have only played on a team sport ONCE...and I'm not sure it counts. I was on the girls basketball team in another ward. (there weren't enough girls in MY neighborhood who wanted to play so we had to go combine ourselves with another one.) And we did really, really well too. We took 2nd in region the first year and 1st the second. Only time I have EVER been involved with or been a fan of something that went all the way. But again, I don't think church basketball really counts. ESPECIALLY...(and I have always been sore about this,) they didn't even bother to announce either year how well our team did from the pulpit. My gosh, we took 2nd and then won region the next year and they couldn't be bothered to say how well the girls did? Because they sure announced EVERY SUNDAY when the boys were playing. Yeah. About that. Hmmm. As I said, I went on a mission because I knew the Lord wanted me to go and I knew the gospel was true...not because I had a fortune spent on me making sure I stayed active doing tons of cool activities. Ahem. I digress.

And what did I contribute to the team? I was a guard and I could nearly always make the opposing player LAUGH. I got in the way of the opposing team really well. The first year I made 8 points. The second year I made 28. Not a whole lot when you consider that one game the second year we beat the other team (I kid you not,) 98 to ZERO. A natural athlete I am not, nor do I really get involved when on a TEAM. I'm kind of useless that way. Seeings as I am not naturally atheltic or anything. Really, I'm a good passer but don't ask me to score. But I like the team comraderie. I'm good at that.

So kickboxing is good. I am bonding with everyone but the only person I am really competing with is ME. Eventually I will look at other people in the class and say to myself, "Okay, today I'm going to kick higher than YOU." Right now, I am trying to kick without falling on my butt. And yes, it's happened and I crack a joke, everyone laughs and I am helped back up on the mat. This is Good.

I go in feeling like I am a slug made of lead...and fly out feeling all thin and athletic and sweaty and RRARR sexy.  So, I think I'll keep going.  And hey, the leather pants are looking better and better.  So there.

Best line so far:

"You've got really strong arms and legs with pudding in the middle.  We're going to work on that."

BUA HA HA!!!  Awesome.  (and then we DID work on that.  It now hurts to LAUGH.)

AND...I could do one of the exercises today that one of the students told me she couldn't do after 6 months of going.  So I'm not hopeless. I think I'll go home and try on those pants again.
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