September 24th, 2004


Friday Five from Days Gone By

Sigh.  I rather miss The Friday Five.  Thought I would visit the FF graveyard today.

1. What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind?
I like to make some warm milk with a little bit of vanilla, grab a good book and read.  Or else draw.  Or else round up a large group of people and play games.  Anyone up for The Great Dalmuti?

2. What do you do the moment you get home from work/school/errands?
Go upstairs, start to draw.

3. What are your favorite aromatherapeutic smells?
Cinnamon of course.  I'm turning into a huge sucker for sandlewood though.  Mmmmm....sandlewood.

4. Do you feel more relaxed with a group of friends or hanging out by yourself?
Depends on the friends.  Mostly by myself I think.

5. What is something that you feel is relaxing but most people don't?
I love working on personal projects...lately especially my comic strip.  Every panel throws me into that world and I get totally sucked up in it.
And drawing naked people. Well, it's not the fact they are naked...I love life drawing. And it's so cool to be seeing such dramatic improvement. Life drawing this last year has helped save my soul.
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