August 31st, 2004


Bondin' with the roomies...(warning, talk of urine ahead)

Had  a fun night last night.  While I can't recommend the conversation for casual bonding with strangers, it served to cause much laugher in the abode last night.

Watched a few episodes of Futurama in Mary's room (and man, does that girl have a truckload of DVDs), worked on some illustration stuff for purplerebecca and then we all (except for the new girl from Provo who doesn't seem to be too interested in being friends with any of us and is having a hard time adjusting and I personally think she won't last until the holidays,) sat down and I introduced them to Guillitine. 
Yay! Yay that my roommies like to play games!  Mary pulled out... um..heck, what was it... some variant of Cranium...except for even dumber people.  What was FUN was when Eli had to race up to go use the bathroom and me, being the wisecracker and having a penchant for bizarre questions turned to Rachel and asked, "Hey, what's the longest you've ever peed?" 
and BAM, we were off!

Pee Stories:

Mary:  "Hey,  I don't know the longest I've ever peed,  but this is the best pee I ever had..." and launched into a story of her first day of basic training.  She hadn't gone before she got there, only had 2 hours of sleep and was so nervous she forgot to go at breakfast...and then had to sit in meeting after meeting before she finally got enough never to raise her hand and ask permission to go the bathroom.  I could in no way relate the story as well as she does but man, I laughed big time hard.

Eli: Not to be outdone, she told the story of going snow caving,  trying to find a place to go, held onto a branch to help maintain balance ...which she promptly lost, sitting full down into snow that was nearly waist deep.  "My bum was cold for a very long time."

Rachel didn't have a story (bok bok bok)

Me:  I offered up the "getting my bladder checked when I was in 9th grade" story.  I still cringe remembering that...and my mom saying on the way there,  "Nothing is embarassing after you've had 5 babies."  I'm thinking, "Uh.  I'm 14 and just BARELY hit puberty, thank you very much!"

So, we're getting bonded.  Over pee stories.

Bua ha ha!  We need to go camping soon before it gets too cold.
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