August 20th, 2004

Flying Ace

Early memories

Write down your earliest memories of members of your family:

Dad:  I remember in North Carolina one summer day sitting at a little table with Mark and Suzanne and watching my dad pull down old paneling off the kitchen wall as he started to prep it for cabinets.  I remember rushing to the door when he would come home from work.  I remember him kicking the ball over the house and calling "Ollie on OVER!" and feeling that thrill in my stomach waiting for the ball to appear on the other side and we would race to go catch it.  I thought my dad could beat up Hercules.

Mom:  wurtmann  I remember sitting down and doing fingerpainting at the kitchen table in North Carolina.  I remember we had lots of cool projects she had us do before I started school.  I remember going to bed on Saturday nights and listen to her play the piano over and over as she would get ready for the next day at church when she would have to  play there.  (  And she wonders why hymns make me sleepy.  ;))

1 of 5    fallen_pegasus:  I remember when Mark got glasses and we called him Grandpa and he got so mad.  I remember when he left to Utah with my dad and missed him horribly.  I always liked going into his room because he had cool books and the aquarium.

2 of 5    wyckhurst:  Heh.  I actually remember having baths with Suzanne and making bubble beards.  I remember her spearheading a project to create a new path in the woods that led to the shed.

4 of 5    Brent:  I remember when Brent rode his Moon Rover down the stairs.  I remember it didn't end well.  I remember when Brent was in first grade and came home announcing he liked a girl named Christie Johnson.

5 of 5    phoenix_jade:  I remember when he was brought home from the hospital.  I was the first person who got to hold him there sitting on my mom's bed.  For some reason I remember the bright green carpet.  I remember being old,  "Well, he's your birthday present, take good care of him!" and I took it VERY seriously.  I remember him sleeping in my bedroom at night.  I was very sad when the boys room got finished and he and Brent roomed together.

oh heck, why not?  Everybody else in the family considers her a member...

6 of 5  xenologue:  I remember when Alex showed up at that party in Toronto.  She was wearing a blue lab coat thing that I never really liked.  She looked tired and had to explain several times why she showed up alone.  (I'm glad she did.)  I remember her rather startled expression when I asked her if she would rather fly or be invisible.  Heh.
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