August 19th, 2004


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"She was old, that much was certain despite her ill attempts to hide it.  Cadaverously thin, her flesh unnaturally tight in all the wrong places, she moved like an old special effect.  Herky, jerky with weird pops it was easy to mentally add a random and slightly out of tune soundtrack with flickers and scratches.  It was a pity she wasn't black and white.  Add  to that her badly drawn eyebrows and unnaturally brown hair she looked not unlike an unwrapped mummy with a football helmet. 

Unfortunately for everyone involved, she had a personality to match her rather disquieting look.  One favorite topic of discussion among her captive students was that perhaps she had died 100 years ago and nobody thought to inform her of the fact.  It was true nobody could even remotely remember how long she had taught at the school.  Stanley Northup swore that Mrs. Eulish had taught his grandmother fourth grade and since his dad owned his own lawn care business,  his testimony was of course, unimpeachable."
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Last entry...

Last entry from my old apartment. Next time I will be reporting...oh heck, totally from my work station at Smartbomb but eventually y'all are gonna get updates from the new Chez Jeanette.

I am totally Missing the Mark today. How is it a year has gone by?

Many things to write but the big one is he could always get me to laugh. And he was a GREAT movie date. I don't have the history that wyckhurst and (duh) pr10n had with him...but I still miss that big lug. I want to take my sketchbook to his gravesite to lure him there with the promise of nekkid chicks and have a big yell.

Tonight though...I will post a picture xenologue snapped of him at my birthday party...the last time I saw him. Check out the size of his steak...and his grin. Sigh. Now I want to go get a frostie. Anyone up for Wendys?

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