August 15th, 2004


Birthday Greetings!

Happy birthday wyckhurst!!! You're the best big sister EVER!!!

(And as long as you're 29, I get to be 27 forever!)
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I don't know why I find this so funny....

Boxing up one's life, it makes it so much easier to look at your THINGS and see where the priorities are in your life. So far the top two appear to be BOOKS (7 boxes full,) and PAPER & ART STUFF (4 boxes, a legal sized filing cabinet and 4 drawers full.)

Color me amused. I could have worse priorities I guess.

Also going through all those papers I am uncovering letters, emails, odds and ends from various past lives. Kind of fun.
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10 things in no particular order:

1. Going over 75 on a motorcycle is exhiliarating and terrifying at the same time. Must remember to lean more forward. That wind is brutal and reminds me a bit of sky diving. Fun though! I figure if I get used to this then the next time I leap out of an airplane it won't be as bad as the first time. (Enough time has passed I can admit how much I loathed fallen_pegasus and xenologue for the duration of the day.)

2. LOVED the opening ceremonies. I loved the parade though I wish I could have seen more of it with a wide angle lens... and everything went by SO FAST. Again, wish Bob and Katie would shut up. It was interesting seeng how the parade went according the Greek alphabet. Canada had cooler uniforms than the US this year at the opening ceremonies. I didn't really like the US berets this year.

3. Packing sucks. Going through so much paper and reading old letters and emails can really throw me back in time. Everything from notes from Eddington to emails with xenologue. Don't get me started on pictures.

4. I am NOT a natural born oil painter. Class was frustrating as all get out. As I told Chris...if it ever got hanged anywhere, it would be by my cartoons once I am rich and famous as a curiousity. ;)

5. So the boys came home from fishing. Yay them. I'm glad they had a good time but I'm not above sulking still. wyckhurst...when are we going to do our Girls Trip?

6. Came across some life drawing I did when I was in high school. It is dated 1 Feb 1991. His name was/is Dan George. I met him when I was a sophomore in gym. Everybody called him George. He was a TERRIBLE batter! Seriously. Like ZERO coordination and if *I* can make that observation you KNOW he had to be terrible. I though George was his first name and called him George all the way through to our senior year when we had art class together and found out his first name was DAN. I felt like the biggest heel...but he never told me! DEERRR!!!

7. I like lots of candles. I don't really like overhead lighting.

8. I have never taken the Meyers-Briggs test. Every time I look at it I realize that a lot of my answers would depend on my mood at the time. I think the few times I've had friends run through the questions with me I am always on the borderline between being an introvert and an extrovert. To date I'm still not sure what I am. My sister is a huge fan of the test. I'll have to ask her what she thinks I am.

She pointed out to me many years ago that in social situations I am an observer until I feel comfortable with the dynamics of the room. Then I will dive right in. She was dating a crazy good looking guy named Brent Anderson at the time. I rather liked him until he appeared outside my bedroom window in the middle of the night with his arms above his head in crazy stalker fashion just to scare me. Didn't think much of him after that. At her wedding reception he tried to get the secret family Holiday Punch recipe out of me. Uh, NOT.

9. I miss BJ. I miss having somebody to gush about show tunes and movie soundtracks with. I hate when my best friends live too far away.

10. I love the smell of cinnamon. I love the smell of vanilla. I love the smell of wood and curry and campfire smoke. I love the smell of sharpened pencils. I love walking into the house and smelling roast beef and fresh hot bread.
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