August 12th, 2004


For you runners out there... I've been running...and hooray, did 2 miles.  (okay,  I know, it sounds totally wussy but I myself am rather pleased with my progress.)  I'm wondering though,  how long does it take before your body quits feeling like LEAD?!  When is it supposed to get semi enjoyable?  I mean,  I feel great when I am done but when I'm running I feel like I'm moving in slow motion with weights attached to all of my limbs!
Flying Ace

Portrait Thursdays

Week two of my portrait class. I struggle with really spot on likenesses but so far I've learned a lot. Favorite comment of the evening (please insert massive eye rolling here,) came from Deirdre:

"I can tell you are REALLY struggling tonight. That's good."

A startled look and a demand for an explanation got me a "Well, you're really pushing're WAAAY out of your comfort zone. So you must be learning a lot."

Okay, yeah...but sheesh. How am I supposed to feel when someone tells you they're enjoying watching you struggle?

Anyway... it's coming along. Got a few more weeks to work on him.

He WAS looking like Lenin at he's looking like Vin Diesel.

Whaddya think sirs?
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