July 30th, 2004


13 Memories

What do YOU remember?
Write down one memory for every year of school:

Kindergarten:  We had 2 charts on the wall...one for when you could tie your shoes and one for when you lost a tooth.  I was the first one on the shoe tying chart...but was frustrated that I never lost a tooth all through first grade.  I wanted to be on BOTH charts and was angry I never made it.

First grade: It rained the day the students were supposed to get their "free day" at the carnival that set up every year at the school.  Our parents took us to it later and we got to stay when it got dark.  I remember riding a little motorcycle instead of a car on the ride that went around and around.  I was sure I looked VERY cool.

Second grade:  We had to draw pictures of ourself and hang them up on the wall.  My teacher went and got the other teachers to point mine out.  (I still have it.)

Third grade:  I was held back from recess one day because I struggled with the word "character."  The teacher's aid told me it was a word she was sure I would be using a lot in my life since I wanted to beocme an artist.  I learned it fast after that and got to go out and play on the new playground equipment.

Fourth grade:  We had to stand up and introduce ourselves and say something we liked about ourselves.  I stood up and said,  "My name is Jeanette Atwood and I like myself because I can draw..." and was totally stunned when the class erupted into laughter.

Fifth grade:  We got to build marionettes.  Mine was a Roman guard.

Sixth grade:  Mr. Robb was reading us "The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe.  By this point I had read it so often it was practically memorized.  He would do dramatic pauses...and I would finish the sentences. 

Seventh grade:  In biology our teacher decided the 7th graders were going to have Hawaiian day.  We didn't have any Hawaiian shorts so my mom made a pair out of some old floral fabric she had lying around.  I was again stunned when everybody made fun of my homemade shorts.

Eight grade:  In a one in a life time occurance, I came home with the highest grade on my math test than anybody else in the class.

Ninth grade:  In English, for my mythology project I put together, "The Official Handbook of the Olympic Gods" coloring book.

Sophomore:  Wound up singing a duet of Rainbow Connection on the piano in seminary that became legend.

Junior Year:  My AP Biology teacher called the house once because I HADN'T put a cartoon in front of my lap report.

Senior Year:  Got the lead in the school play.  Had to grow my hair out and wear a red, low cut dress.  I came racing up the stairs after changing to be in place for the 2nd act.  Someone had placed a mirror in front of the stairs.  I did a double take upon recognizing myself and thought (no lie,) "Holy cow...when did THAT happen?!"
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Woo hoo!

...and I'm off to Vegas!

"You gonna go off and gabling and whoring eh?" said one of my friends last night.
"I don't gamble.  I think it's immoral." I quipped back.

Had to wait several beats before she asked me about the whoring. Ba da CHA!

I'm looking forward to it though.  Off to see one of those uber friends.  Haven't seen her for about a year and a half so this should be fun.
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