July 19th, 2004



Somewhere in the distance a ship sounded it's rumbling foghorn.  A spooky sound, as if announcing to unhearing ears it's utter lonliness.
"Hello," it seemed to say.  "Is anyone there?" 
A moment passed and then followed a chime.  It was carried thickly on the fog which seemed a bit more cheery...as if an answer had been received.  It clanged a few more times and then that too faded away, drowned out in the sound of the surf, also carried in on the thick grey.  I hadn't noticed the sound of the surf before, the sound of the foghorn going through my bones and lurching through my heartbeat.
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Flying Ace

Atwood Color Bar...

Aren't we all good looking?

Got the idea to do this when I was sorting through pictures.

Actually there wasn't a lot of tweaking with the colors. I need to get something better than a fuzzy screen shot of wyckhurst and my gosh, the only shot I have of Brent is him bending over.
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Flying Ace

Because I'm stupid...

...and going through all these photos has put me in a bit of a time warp. So, here's one of my all time favorite pictures. So, so cute.

Sleepy kitty...

I'm amazed seeing how much Beowulf has grown from this picture. Oh yeah, and the sleeping girl too.
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