July 18th, 2004


In which I am VERY tired and slightly sheepish

We had a crazy sudden summer storm this evening. Serious buckets of water here which I love. Cleans out the air, puts the humidity out of the way for a while and everything smells so fresh and sweet...but the problem with them in Farmington is that last summer half the mountain caught on fire.

You may remember such images as this and this...

This makes the mountain much more prone to do things like, oh...SLIP, in the event of a major rain storm. My dad is the neighborhood emergency coordinator and he got a phone call tonight saying the city was in dire need of sandbaggers.
He was quickly out the door but me, always liking to spend time with him and do non girly things managed to call out, "Do you need any help?"
He paused and then said, "Uhhhh...if I do, I'll call you."

This put me instantly in a foul mood. If I were a boy, he'd tell me to grab my shoes. If it were Lawrence he'd just tell him to come. I felt more than a little put out.

I repent.

Shortly after he left the phone rang and it was my dad with a bunch of instructions on whom to call, what to tell them, where they should go, what they should bring and whom THEY should call...and when I was done, I should come down myself.

YAY! HOORAY!!!! I quickly got OUT of my pajamas, back into clothes that had just BARELY come out of the dryer and I was OTD.

Sandbagging is HARD work. I shoveled most of the time while Dad drove Norton around, loading him up with sandbags and driving to where he needed to go.

I am in serious pain now.

I mean it. Ow.

Still, it was kind of fun to be part of such a huge community thing. It felt really nice working with all these people, most of whom I didn't know, cracking jokes and working hard in the rain in order to help some people out. We saved a lot of people a lot of heartache tonight and came home tired.
A LOT of the older guys traded memories of `The Rudd Mud Flood' of 83 when the Great Salt Lake came up to the freeway...when the main street of Salt Lake flooded and people kyacked down Salt Lake City and other's fished out of 2nd story windows.

I remember that. I was nine. It was kind of terrifying actually to have a box of stuff packed and ready to grab in case we got evacuated and a little freaky when we tried to drive back into Farmington and my mom had to convince a cop monitering the freeway exit we were residents and we kinda sorta HAD to get back home. It really was something else.

I did not help sandbag back then. I believe my older brother did. He was 13-14 and they sandbagged all through the night. We only did 3 hours or so.

My back really REALLY hurts.

Still, as they say, `Service. It just feels good.'"

(I just popped 2 aspirin and I'm waiting for them to kick in.)
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Flying Ace

I'm not bored, honest...

...but I'm sitting here watching a show called "Unexplained Mysteries." Next up, `When ghosts attack.' Bua ha ha!!!

What was the name of Dib's favorite show?
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Flying Ace


...about the supernatural:

While I am a firm believer in life after death and that we really know beans about what that life is like for various individuals...and when I hear people tell of experiences they have had, I am grateful I haven't had very many. I had a few on my mission I never need repeated. (I think every missionary has had one.)

For the most part I don't really want to be visited by anyone I know either. I don't want to see loved ones standing at the foot of my bed, glowing with messages from the beyond. Even though I love them and miss them fiercely, I know deep in my heart, a visit from them would terrify me. I think.

I don't know. I had an extremely vivid dream about my grandfather a few months after he died.

I was walking through the woods. It was bright and green and smelled of a midspring morning. As I walked I came across a huge clearing with a white park bench. There on the bench, in his blue coveralls and khaki cap sat my grandfather. I went and sat by him and we just chatted. I told him I was angry he had left the way he did, without saying good bye. We talked about many things, nothing of which really seemed critical or profound...but when I got up, I gave him a hug, even noticing his old man sweet sweaty smell and he told me he knew I was sad and had arranged this so I could tell him goodbye. I woke up slightly wistful but happy. I felt closure.

So...maybe I wouldn't really mind a visit...but it would have to be somebody I knew. And again, please, no glowing in the corner of my bedroom. Thanks.
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