June 15th, 2004

Flying Ace

Naked Tuesdays

Well, this is going to be the last Naked Tuesdays update for a while. Tonight's session was the last one for the summer. Apparently enough people don't come in the summertime to really make it worthwhile for the lady who runs the studio. It makes me sad but also gives me quite a sense of accomplishment.

I've been going consistently for 9 months now and I think there has been quite an improvement in my work. Sure, some weeks are misses and other weeks I am trying out new looks and techniques but for the most part I think what has helped the most is the consistancy in going.

And...I've enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, I liked life drawing in school but it was also an enormous pressure/stress point for me whilst sojourning in Oh Canada. Even now I can see Werner's big yellow coat as he would burst angrily into the life drawing room and pace, hissing through his teeth in disapproval at our work.

So, I am proud of myself this year...for seeking it out, for going and for starting to love it. There were points when Tuesday nights were the only thing in my life I looked forward to. It got me through an enormous depression and I credit Naked Tuesdays with giving me the jump start I needed to get my career...and my LIFE back on track.

Lest you, gentle reader, be disheartened, fear not. I have my class on Thursday nights and I believe there is a class in July on Tuesdays I will be taking so there will be occassional updates...and hey, October really isn't that far away.

Five Minute Gestures
Naked! Nude

15 Minute Gesture:
Okay, this one is really rough but I was going for a quick powerful line instead of futzing around trying to get it perfect. Parts of it work, parts really don't...but I like it for the energy in it. For a more sedate pose, it's a high energy drawing. That's my excuse anyway. Heh.
and Cold!

What do you think sirs?
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Flying Ace

(no subject)

Okay, boy oh boy are MY legs sore! And I'm SURE tomorrow my ARMS are going to fall off. I think walking 8 miles is having some effect today and since I did upper body today at the gym, I'm bracing for a day of XXXXTRRRREEEEEMMMMEEE SORENESS tomorrow.

Did a lot more rigging today. Figured how to do set driven keys and watched a DVD on modeling and rigging that put both me and Paul to sleep. Holy COW. ZZZZZZZ....

Tomorrow though I should start ANIMATING. Ah's excited.

(People are asking me how I am liking my new job. My response:
"I don't have to wear a NAMETAG! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!")

I didn't go out with the boys today for lunch either and felt a little bad when they asked me sadly, "Are you not going to ever be coming to lunch with us?"
I told them I was trying to lose weight and save money and was afraid that if I went out every day it would be counterproductive to both goals. I'm trying to think how I can go and socialize with them and not have to eat out. I am new, I'm a girl and these guys are sure trying to be nice and include me.

Suggestions are welcome.
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