May 21st, 2004

Flying Ace

Watch that eagle fly!

A day filled with good news. Sold 8 cartoons plus one illustration to Sunstone (subscribe now!) AND we started discussing doing THE COVER for the next issue. DANG! It was really cool.

They showed me the layout for the upcoming issue which goes to press in 3 days and they have my stuff on practically every other page. Dan mentioned he hoped I would never get bored doing cartoons for them. They have been so desperate for a quality cartoonist for quite a while. I must say it's good for my ego as well as my bank statement. How cool is THAT?

And now, time for something completely juvenile. Hee hee hee...

It's just really nice having some really validating freelance work coming in. I love doing it, they love me and I can't wait for the first issue with my stuff to go out. I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille. :)
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Nekkid Tuesdays...

Playing a little bit of catchup...

May 11th: About 8 minutes. Just made a mess in my sketchbook and then used a bit of conte and eraser to pull the figure out.

May 11th: 25 minutes.

May 18: Five minutes. (I didn't like any of my long poses. I had a really hard time concentrating on Tuesday night. Sigh...
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Okay, I'm game.

1) copy this: [font color=yourusername][b]yourusername[/b][/font]
2) replace [] with <>
3) enjoy!

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Three prints of Shrek, each scheduled 45 minutes apart.
Final attendence for the day: 8654
Number of team members in concessions who didn't show up for the day:3
Last show started 10:45
Final time of clock out after cleaning the stand 2:00 AM
Schedule tomorrow: Noon to Close

Nuff said.

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