April 12th, 2004

Flying Ace

Midnight musings...

Working late on my animation fine tuning my horse. I am feeling so energetic and optimistic about my future.

Evolution continues and time marches on:

Coming up in a few days I'll hit my 10 year mark for receiving my mission call. For some reason that strikes me as more strange than my high school reunion, odder than turning 30. Maybe it's because the mission was the first real "grown up thing," I did...and I'm close to ten years past that point. I think of the advice my mission president recently gave me. I reflect on it more and more.

Do I feel so different from my 20 year old self? Truly, not really. I told my mission president in my final (and oh so emotional) interview that throughout my mission all my goals stayed the same throughout...just my perspective had changed. My perspective has wobbled around since then, rudders have to be constantly readjusted. Vision often needs to be raised. Throughout all of it, for all intents and purposes, my goals have stayed the same.

Hey, that's one of the points of life, right?

Do people really change?

(Of course, the wisecrack response is, "If not, then why do so many folks go to therapy?")

I remember xenologue's mom slightly chastising me in her kitchen late one night. She'd downed a beer as I recall and her tongue got a little looser than usual. I hadn't been home from my mission for that long, so a slightly tipsy lady gently challenging my beliefs was more amusing than nerve wracking. Alex on the other hand was horrified.
When I told her I knew some things were true she scoffed. Things she knew at 20 were different than things she knew at 30 and 40 and 50.

I guess in some respects this is true. Things I knew to be true at 20 are different than my truths at 30...but don't the important things seem to be MORE true the older you get?
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