March 18th, 2004


Dit dit dit...

We've been experiencing freak niceness in the weather...seriously it feels like mid May. Break out the shorts people! I decided any moment spent indoors would be near criminal. Plus my mom still had a FIRE GOING and I didn't want to be indoors for that! Neither did Wulfie. He had Great Big Fun roaming around the yard. I raked the front yard. It looks much better. Now that it is all done I'm sure we are going to be hit with a great snowstorm. Ah well.

I have my voice lesson this afternoon and then this evening is my animation/Maya tutorial. Should be interesting. Looking forward to it. Giving the art director a copy of my portfolio. Please like it. Please please please.

Also looking forward to tomorrow when I go down south to play with my sister's kids. I have not been down there since Christmas. Should be a lot of fun.
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Flying Ace

Yay! Thanks dad!

Just got two new tubes into my bike tires! Getting oh so excited about long jaunts on my bike again. I was afraid I was getting slightly addicted to it last summer. "Hmmm...let's see if I can go FIFTY miles today!"

I was struggling to get the two new tubes in when my dad took pity on me and strung them on...and yay for his air compressor that can, among other things, shoot nails from rooftops, also inflate bike tires. Fifty cents saved. :)