January 29th, 2004

Flying Ace


Going through another rework of El Perro. Just a few scenes to tweak which will make it a lot more dynamic. I'm getting rather frightened though. I don't have a whole lot of time left to get everything in my portfolio that I would like, plus the assembly time. I have to keep telling myself with a job like this, it's quality over quantity.

*pounds head...*

I wish* (more than anything,) that I could take a week off just to finish the darn thing!

Just breathe, I sez to myself...it's do-able. Just breathe. And take a lot of speed. (haha, no I'm just kidding.) (I wouldn't know where to get any, even if I wanted to.) (no, this is not some subtle plea for a drug dealer to find me.)

Man, the things I could accomplish if I didn't need to eat or sleep!
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Flying Ace

That whole compatibility thing...


My friend BJ had a board game by that name. Everybody was paired up and then each person was given cards with a bunch of pictures on them. Everybody had the same pictures.

On a different deck of cards were a lot of different words, everything ranging from `God' to `healthy' to `corruption.' You had to go through your cards and find five pictures that you most associated with the word. You then lay them down in how you ranked the cards. When you were done you and your partner each flipped over your cards and saw what the two of you had matched.

The more matches you had, the farther along you could advance along the board. You got bonus points if you put matches in the same ranking as each other.

What I found fascinating was that people I thought I would be compatible with, friends etc, actually weren't. BJ and I were horrible partners. Sometimes I would be paired with people I barely knew, and we kicked total butt.

What I really enjoyed about the game was the conversations that went back and forth. "Why did you lay down a picture of a teddy bear when the word was `sorrow'?"
"Oh, because when I was little and I was sad, I used to hug my bear!" Ah. Or, "The word was anger..and you lay down pictures of fruit? Whatup with that?" Talk about a terrific "getting to know you" sort of game.

I guess seeing my sister's compatiblity chart on her LJ has made me think. I'm rather low on her list. It says we are only 76% compatible. I am rather dubious as to the veracity of a list that will rank people at 106%, but it does make me wonder.

My sister is one of my favorite people in the world...and I'm only 76%? Ouch.
I wonder where some of my other favorite people would fall on my own list.

I am wondering if it is more accurate to look at the list and see how alike people are to you instead of how compatible. That makes more sense to me. My sister and I are nothing alike...we never have been. But the conversation is always good.

I wouldn't want to hang out with a clone of myself. One of me is plenty. I like people that are different; different interests, different likes, different pardigms and perspectives.

Not sure what my point is. I'll get there.
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