January 24th, 2004



Another relatively slow day at the theater. Oh, granted, more busy than other days this last week being a Saturday and all but still my presence is not essential. I have another hour before the next lead comes in.

Should I stick it out until they get here or look around and see if I can sneak off early again?

Got the reworked feature sized El Perro done last night. Woo hoo! There is some additional niggling I'd like to do...but tonight I want to do another second year assignment called "The Chase."

It is 3 pictures in a chase sequence...one has to be a worms eye view, another has to be a birds eye view and the third is anything you want. I have a really great idea for it as well as rough composition. I can't imagine it will take me lots and lots of time to do the three of them. If I go home now I expect I can have 2 finished ones done by midnight. Hmmm...
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