January 20th, 2004



Trying out a new Live Journal client and methinks me likes it.

Been up all night working and revising my boards. I've hit that wonderful stage where I don't have to labor over every drawing or line. It just flows and sings and flirts. What delightful gesture will come out next? I don't know...but it comes just the same. How I love it. If I don't draw ever day it balks and needs to be enticed to come out and play. If I draw ever day...I am seduced and enchanted. Comes with hours upon hours of drawing daily.
Must be like piano practicing I guess. Except I never practiced enough that it actually got easy. I just had to whale on a piece and pick at it and pick at it ...and then one day had it memorized. And generally had it wrong. I would make these mental shortcuts, drop notes etc. Bad Jett. Bad.
I have to admit reading about fallenpegasus' piano adventures are inspiring though. One day I may have to take it up again. Still though, I try to practice my cornet at least once a week. Mostly a lot of scales. Don't really have a lot of pieces to choose from, know what I'm sayin'? I'll have to convince him to accompany me on a duet at some point. (Memories of a 7th grade recital spring to mind. My poor mother.)
Heh. Maybe we can convince wyckhurst to join us with her flute. That's got to be a truly weird combination. Heck, while we're at it, we'll scrounge up another cornet for phoenix_jade and have Bizarre Quartet brought to you by The Atwood Kids. Somehow a combination that weird seems somehow appropriate for us.

My back is all twitchy. I think sitting at my desk for this long is making it protest. Ow ow ow. Okay, going to have a small dinner (mmm...yogurt and a prenatal vitamin (NO)) and then off'n t' bed.
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Went to life drawing tonight instead of the Jazz game. Turns out I didn't miss much. (they lost 95-75, OUCH!)

Glad I went. The model, she was fantastic. Turns out she's a yoga fanatic and could hold tough poses for long periods of time and had the best set of abs I've ever seen on a real live girl. "Holy cow!" I thought to myself. "She's got external obliques! I can see external obliques! Gah!" Made me want to head off to the gym instead of home tonight.


not the best head....this one is better...

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