January 2nd, 2004

Flying Ace

Isn't today...?

I was talking a while back to my friend Joey about work and mentioned how it was getting harder and harder to go in. Once there, I'm usually fine but it sure seems to be taking a lot more mental energy to get ready for it.
We commented on how difficult it is to go back to work after a long vacation...which I guess is pretty universal. Once you start back up though it's like you never left. Did you dream that vacation? I didn't really go to the Gallapagos Islands did I? Oh wait, no I didn't. (There were times when the only thing I could think of to make sure I actually went on a mission was to think, "Oh wait. I can speak Spanish. I coudln't do that before." I'm getting off track though...)

There are also other points though where you are so burned out at work that the same thing happens...you Just Don't Want To Go...and boy howdy am I ever THERE.

I keep thinking to myself just a few more days, just a few more days...once we get through this weekend, POOF, the crowds go away. Seriously. It's like waving a people eraser magic wand. After the first weekend of January, tumbleweeds blow through movie theaters.
After the first weekend of January I am getting ready for a Big Time Sick. I have been putting it off and putting it off by sheer will. I can't think of a New Years where I wasn't sick and today is no exception.

So when I saw next weeks schedule (and for me, the work week starts on a Friday,) I was happy little Jett to see that I was given Saturday and Sunday OFF. Yay! I sez to myself. Self, you made it, you are DONE! Just get through today!

( See here's the thing... )

Yesterday was so chaotic and with New Years Eve the night before, every part of me screamed that it was FRIDAY. I completely spaced it was THURSDAY. So the end of the night I am making a quick phone call to my mom...and she mentions that the next day is Friday... and I realize she is right...and 20 tons of reality anvil comes smashing from above and I try not to sit and cry in the Ops Office. SAAAAAADDD!!!!

I have to go back. Today. In an hour. UGH.
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Flying Ace

Me with the duh face...

Made it through today which actually turned out to not be too bad a day. Nothing broke, we had enough staff and I got to spend most of it in the back office getting prepped for the month and talking to Jen. It's her last day and there's quite an interesting horse race going on for her job.

Her favorite crack to make when somebody asks her who she thinks will get her manager slot: "I think it will go to someone who's name starts with "J.""
She says their face brightens a bit...and then falls and gets cranky. Who is going for the job? Why, nearly all the supervisors...

Jeremy, Jared, Josh, John and Jett.

Yup. 5 Js. Heh.

I told Jen how I am ramping my portfolio up in order to start sending it out to different studios. She smiled and told me to make sure I get somebody groomed to take the position. I laughed about that and started thinking of the guys under me I would think would be great supervisors. I can already think of 2 or 3 which I think makes me a good supervisor.
Anyway as I was stepping a thought occurred to me and I stepped back. "Why are you giving me grief about getting somebody groomed for my position when there is such a rat race for yours?"
She looked at me startled. "I DID groom somebody for my position!"


"I've been grooming YOU!" she said a bit forcefully and then laughed. "I even told Dick that you are the person who rises to all occassions, find a way to do it impressively and more than meet his expectations."

Awww...Have to admit it gave me quite the warm fuzzy.

So, the only strike against me is I've only been a supervisor for 4 months. Everyone else has at least a year under their belt.

Wait, no...another strike...I have to "dress more professionally." Groooaannnn.
Next week I have 3 shifts as the Manager on Duty. After checking my closet I realize..."I got nothing."

So, with a heavy sigh I call my sister who is going to help pull me into the appropriate decade tomorrow. Should be interesting. I'm looking forward to it for the mere reason that I don't have to be at work for two days and really...after Sunday the holiday season is over.
Everyone goes back to work, to school...and I get to concentrate more on my portfolio.
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