December 20th, 2003

Flying Ace

Jett Dumb...

So I rolled in a stupefied fashion out of bed this morning, staggared through the shower and by some miracle managed to get to the theater by 8:00 this morning. I let in the other concessionists, checked the inventory, started doing counts and was well on the way to getting the place up and running... when the other supervisor and lead showed up.
"Ummm," they said slowly, "Are you supposed to be here this morning?"

Turns out it's SATURDAY...I CLOSE tonight and NO, I WASN'T supposed to be there that morning. Nice. Really really nice. In short, DUH.

I went home, did an apartment rescue, had a nap (and boy oh boy did I need it!) and then ran off to Farmington with Wulfie. I ran some errands with phoenix_jade (it's too close to Christmas to be asking me those sorts of questions,) and we had a good time. We stopped by Sam's Club and Wal-Mart (EEEEE!!!! Holiday crowds! AAAAAAUUUGGHHH!!!!) and then I dropped LMA off and am now getting ready to go to work again.


I really REALLY don't want to go. REALLY.

I mean, once I'm there, I'm good...but to have to go BACK...knowing what I'm going into...over 5000+ people waiting to go and see Return of the King... just thinking about it makes me tired. Just...GAH.
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