December 18th, 2003

Flying Ace

Strange dreams

Nobody ever says they had a normal dream, so I will.

I had a normal dream last night in that it felt utterly real. At the time anyway. Upon waking up and recalling the narrative to be bouncing locations and countries and times like I was in the dream I would have to be either on crack or have powers beyond mortal men.

It felt real though.

From walks in cemetaries (brightly lit full of visitors during a warm summer day) to reading others journal entries to meeting others Significant Others and constantly changing clothes and impending announcements. It was full of symbolism and I woke up feeling emotionally charged from it. Wish I had time to get it all down because I woke up feeling like it was Important...something prepatory for me.


I have to head back to the theater and fight the mobs again.
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Flying Ace

Psychic Popcorn Hotline...I sense you don't want butter.

Been a strange strange day. Much of it was spent in that weird sort of trying to shake off the fog kind of feeling after a very real dream or extremely odd event. Much of today felt very surreal even though I had plenty to do and keep me and my mind occupied. It's one of those, `I ultimately know what is going to happen...I just need it confirmed' sort of deals. Not saying I'm psychic or precognitive...but there have been times when I just KNOW things about a person, especially ones I have once been close to.

I had a missionary comp, loved her dearly and was looking forward to spending time with her when we both got off the mission...and one Friday night I sat bolt upright in bed and KNEW she was engaged. She was getting married. Just KNEW it.

The next time I talked to her, before she even could tell me, I asked her...and then confirmed it had happened that Friday night. Weird. A little spooky, but again, doesn't happen often.

I actually got off early today. My manager was checking everyone's hours and make a GAAK! sort of noise and said, "Jett! You're almost out of hours! Go home three hours early today!"

I looked at my watch and said, "But...that was an HOUR ago?"

So I got to drop everything (and there was a LOT) and just GO.

Got a lot of errands done this afternoon. Stopped by Carpenter Paper, paid my bill for Friday and Hiro and stopped by the folks house. At first I thought nobody was home but upon calling my dad he emerged from the cottage. We played with the cat and had a good chat...everything from our vacation when I was 6 to Kitty Hawk to what he did and what ultimately happened to a student of his who ripped off a paper. Glad I wasn't that kid.

The thing about cheating, especially on written papers...I would never do it. Ethics aside, I'm too much of an egomaniac. I think I'm a pretty decent writer so why would I want to just copy someone else? That'd be like photocoping someone's piece of art and sign it! Why would you EVER do that? Inconceivable! and YES, that word DOES mean what I think it means, Fezzik!

Wulfie had a good time at Grandma and Grandpa's house. After being abandoned for half a week he was glad of the attention. Mrrrroowwwrr...
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