December 16th, 2003

Flying Ace

Mental bits...

Reading "The DaVinci Code." It's been a long time since I have been so utterly absorbed by a book before. Just...really fascinating, fascinating stuff. Everything from art history to linguistics to the Merovingians wrapped up in a murder mystery quest. Good stuff.

Saw ROTK last night. Again. Wow.

Seeing it again tonight with LMA and a few others. Tonight will be a record shatterer at the Megaplex 12. We sold out EVERY SINGLE THEATER for the midnight movie. This is close to 4000 seats. Twelve theaters...only TWO prints. It's going to be the interlock of interlocks for cameras. I plan on taking a few pictures because boy, is this going to be something else. Gah!

I'm hugely DUMB though. I expect I will get home around 4 AM...and I have to be back to open the theater to all the crowds who DIDN'T want to see it at midnight. It's going to be crazy go nuts. Should be interesting.
It's going to be like this for a fair bit...and I don't get a day off for over a week. I may take Wulfie over to my folks so he can have some proper attention paid him. Poor guy.
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    The DaVinci Code (Unabridged), Part 2-Dan Brown