December 14th, 2003

Flying Ace



Went to a ward up at the Institute building. It started at 11:00. I wanted to go to the 9:00 one but since I got home at roughly 3:00 AM the night before it just wasn't going to be happening.

Came home, had a nap. (ahhhh...NAP) which Wulfie joined me for. He has been oh so snuggly lately. Even now at my desk he likes to nap close enough that he is in some sort of physical contact with me with his head or his paw pushed up on my wrist.

I had to stop at the theater. I had left some of my art supplies there which I needed tonight. It was kind of a zoo. Stopping and looking at the schedule for the next week I was horrified to see that there were only 3 closers scheduled for Tuesday night. We have at least 6 theaters sold out for ROTK at midnight...and boy oh boy, 3 concessionists are NOT going to be cutting it. After an emergency call to Jen, hopefully we'll have everything all worked out for Tuesday night. It's going to be big time crazy. Looking forward to it actually.

Now I'm up and I expect I will be for a while. Working on some portfolio stuff.
It is a most pleasant evening. I have several candles lit, some lamps, the First Presidency Christmas broadcast playing (and yes, pr10n, the camera work has much to be desired. Wow.)

Perhaps I will make myself some hot chocolate and wish I had a little company. It's the night for it. Le sigh.
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