December 10th, 2003

Flying Ace

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Alas, no life drawing tonight. We are done for the rest of the year but we will resume at the start of next year. I got a lot of drawing done last night and today before I had to head into the theater for our weekly meeting.
I actually got invited to Penny and Di's house tonight for dinner and a movie. This is a Big Deal. Those two jealously guard their privacy and space (can't blame `em,) and to date, I'm the only person from the movie theater that's ever been to their place before...and that was when it was under construction in April. So it was really neat seeing how all the modeling and decorating has gone from the last time I saw it, (hey! a LAWN! How novel!) and it was kinda neat to know that I'm the only person from the theater that Penny likes enough to invite over. And it's funny because I can't think of a person in that place that doesn't absolutely adore her.
She actually got treated kind of shabbily when she first came to the theater, some people freaking out over her schedule, (what do you mean you can only work Monday and Tuesday's during the day?!) and she was just going to quit outright...I mean, she's an air traffic controller for Pete's sake, it's not like she really needs the money here!
So, they transferred her to the guest desk and it was decided (unbeknownst to me,) that I would be the one to train her because I perhaps was the one most personable enough to help repair her earlier treatment. Found out it worked. Months and months later she told me I was the only reason she initially decided to stay.
"Well...Jett's really funny and cool. I guess I'll keep this job."
That's a really great feeling, knowing you are the sole reason one of the best employees in the place decided to stick it out.

Came home just in time for my phone to ring.

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I have missed him fiercely. I am so glad that he called.
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