December 5th, 2003

Flying Ace

With great power comes...

Hopefully what will be the storyline for X-Men III. Go Jean Go!

jean grey
You are Jean Grey!

Beautiful and smart, you are still just beginning
to fulfill your potential. You have a strong
sense of right and wrong, but are open to
discussion and changes of opinion.
Unfortunately, when it comes to love you are
often torn between two options, and can never
seem to make up your mind.

Which X-Men character are you most like?
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Flying Ace

Okay okay...

Amid all the silly illusions and quizillas I guess I better type something real.

It has been a good week despite the bout of the flu. I helped a coworker of mine with an art project...and found that while I did have to struggle with my tendency/desire to just take over and do it, I was able to stand back. It came out pretty well and it's HERS. Nice.

I did have some growing up flashbacks of phoenix_jade needing `help' with a project and then smugly standing back as I completely took over. Nice to know I'm able to teach and then stand back now. Feels good. She owes me big time now though and I have plans to put her to work doing some scanning and coloring for me. Mua ha ha.

I am busy working on several projects. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high for some of them but I figure some things can't hurt to do. I've been reboarding out my second year film, "El Perro," and it's interesting seeing how much my film sensibilities have changed since then. This year of free movies have done a lot for me. I'm excited about it. It's like revisiting a very old friend. "Ayieeeee!!! SUCH a waste of superhero talent!"
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