November 30th, 2003

Flying Ace

A letter from Roy to Michael...

It's high time a letter like this was written to Michael Eisner...and I'm sure to do so cost Roy Disney an awful lot. Not like it was a shocker...a few months ago the animation world collectively held their breath when it was announced that Roy, the single largest individual shareholder in the company divested himself of most of the stock. What was he going to do next? I guess write Collapse )

I'm wondering if Roy has something else up his sleeve or if he will sigh heavily, wash his hands of the whole mess and go and write his memoirs. I don't know.

Me, I'm hoping this whole thing will rattle the board, have the stock plummet and find Michael tossed out before the end of the next quarter.
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Flying Ace

...and if I weren't worried enough before.

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Really notdrawn to the occult though, THANKS.
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