November 29th, 2003

Flying Ace

Mares of the night...

Had a night full of crazy dreams...that have some of the same imagery from my nightmares during my nap on Thanksgiving.

I dream (among a host of other things but this is the most horrific,) that I am infected with some kind of maggoty creature but it is only one in my pinky finger. I am aware that it is burrowing and lives off my blood. I am grossed out by it but not as concerned as I really should be.
Later I look and I see it has left a hole/tunnel in my finger. It is out! Hooray! I am relieved to see a small grub like creature wiggiling on the counter.
I think it is really small...I would have thought it would be bigger after having sucked out so much of my blood.
I then look in the sink and nearly scream. Coming out of the garbage barely fits, is another one... but it is GIGANTIC! It is nearly as big as Beowulf. I can see it utterly swollen with my blood. It is pale and pink underneath, stretched so much that I can't believe it hasn't broken. It's head is swaying and I can see its black mouth opening and closing leechlike. It starts to sway in my direcction and I want to back up. I want to scream. I try to, for anybody to come but nobody does. I'm not even sure I've made a noise as this THING pulsates hugely in my sink.
I think of turning on the garbage disposal...most of it is still in there...but I am afraid of the mess all the blood would make. It obviously has been sucking and sucking on me for a long time...and it's not just been in my little finger.

I look down at my skin and see ...things... crawling underneath and I realize I have been riddled with them...and they are coming to the surface...

...and then I wake up.

THIS is hugely disturbing to me. And nauseating.
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