November 13th, 2003

Flying Ace

Arrrr! Gold matey! ARRRR!!!!

So, not a drummer boy...but I got a GOLD QUARTER yesterday!
One of my friends in Box told me they opened a new roll and there it was. The exact same thing had happened a few days earlier except this friend had no interest in coins and knew that I very much was...especially quarters and so he gave it to me.
It's a gold 1999 New Jersey quarter!

Who would spend that as legal tender?!

I am delighted, especially considering what a rotten night last night was. One of my leads had a breakdown (and he's such a stresser and worrier, he makes xenologue seem like a hippie on dope) and had to go home. This put me in a very frustrated awkward situation because that mean I had to:

1. Finish the counts (he was halfway done
2. Help close down the concession stand
3. Enter in the new inventory
4. Do the accounting paperwork in regards to the new inventory

and do all of this with one hand and not go in to overtime. (I burned my hand rather badly last night...something involving coffee. Ow.)

It was a complete pain and I am very appreciative of all the other departments that pitched in to help. Still though, wound up going home at 3AM and had to open up the theater this morning at 9:30. Feh! This means that I got to clock out today at 2:00. Kewl.

I had a talk with my manager about this guy...and while I like him, I do, he's just got so many stresses in his life (with no understanding of how to deal with pressure,) I can't have him during the holidays! If he's going to freak out over triviata on a slow Wednesday night, what on EARTH is he going to be like in 2 weeks when Thanksgiving hits and we REALLY need him? Hmmmmm?

So, I am grateful for any little glimmer in my life...and last night was a gold quarter. Cool.
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