October 5th, 2003


Comings and Goings

I didn't get to listen to any of conference today. This made me sad since I thought maybe, just maybe I would be able to get to listen at least a little bit. We do have a radio in the cage, but I guess the AM reception ain't so hot there. Boo.
It WAS a good day though. We were busy enough nobody was standing around bored and not so busy that I started hating humanity.
I learned how to make waffle cones the other day (yay for more talents that aren't that particularly impressive or even worth talking about at parties!) and so today I got to teach some of my kids who either didn't know or weren't very good at it. (There IS a particular trick to making sure you don't roll it and have a hole at the bottom.)
I got to take off an hour early though, go pick up my mom and then head off to wykhurst's in-law's cabin. It was going to be S's official birthday party. The drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon was gorgeous and the air smelled...so woodsy. Crisp, clean, maybe with a touch of wood smoke. You know what I'm talking about.
The trees were a bit past their `glory days' but we still appreciated them. I told mom she should have picked ME up in the miata. Today would have been a great day to drive up a canyon in a convertible.

S's party was fun. I had expected more people but it was just me and my mom and S's other grandparents. (oh, and his parents and siblings.) It was very low key but a lot of fun. S was rambling on about plutoneum (which is not a rock since it is manmade and it is very poisoneous!)

For me though the funny thing of the evening was when my mom and wykhurst and i were sitting at the table chatting away. I leaned over to cut me another piece of cake and when I came back with a piece balanced on the spatula I was surprised to see my plate had vanished! It seriously couldn't have been more than 5 seconds and my mom had taken it away thinking I was done. We did not get another plate in time and my piece full with a dull plop! sound on the table. wykhurstjust laughed and laughed.

I told my mom, "Don't help me until I need it!!"

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I work with a guy who is finishing up with massage therapy school. He wants me to draw a cartoon for his girlfriend for her birthday so we are doing a swap. I have never had an official "lie down on my table!" massage. It should be interesting. Not a touchy person really (y'think?!) so I am hoping this won't be just one big disaster. Just...breathe.
I wonder what he will make of my perma-stress knot in my left shoulder. It's gotten really bad lately.

After that I am going to Utrecht's Art Supplies to blow the gift certificate fallen_pegausus gave me for my birthday. I have life drawing on Tuesday evening and I am very excited. It will end just in time for me to get home and watch Judging Amy. Yay!

On the GRRR side of things I just discovered they put Law & Order: SVU across from Juding Amy. Boo!!! Boo hiss!!! One day when I have some disposable income I want to get a toy like Mark has for his recording needs. Seriously.
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