October 1st, 2003


Only in this state...

On occassion we hand out things at the theater along with tickets. Coupons for the go cart raceway (Big Go Cart fun,) coupons for CDs... just spiffy stuff that I guess somebody at the theater (not me) gets paid to have us hand out.

So the other day we got a box of THESE.

...and boy, you just can't BE any more in Utah!
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Oh man...

Just cracked open the case...
and the hilarity continues. It's chock full of "I can't believe this is real, these folks are serious" goodness, but this one is my particular favorite.

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    Feed the Birds-Emile Pandolfi-Once Upon a Romance

A good day...

Went down for my nephew's birthday. It's always fun to see them though I am constantly shocked at how much bigger they are every time I see them. I guess it HAS been a while since I was down there though.
S liked his birthday presents which relieved me somewhat. I got him astronaut ice cream, a rocket that doubles as a pencil sharpener and a really cool frisbee. (He doesn't quite know how to throw a frisbee but I have confidence in him.
O and H were equally fun and we had Big Fun during tub time. I can't believe how happy H is. He just careens though life with a huge face splitting grin. I can't think of a baby that is happier than he is.
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