September 24th, 2003

Flying Ace


Well, long story very short the meeting got pushed back so I have had some extra time to niggle on The Shoveler. There are some things about it with which I am very pleased and very disappointed in others. The lack of a really good line tester is my biggest hurdle right now. It's very difficult to animate blind. You can flip, and measure and count frames till the cows come home but it's not until you actually can SEE it move to know if you've done a good job or not.
I will be working on juryrigging something decent together in the next few weeks now that my table in Farmington is now cleared off. It will be nice to have it back.

It's been a pleasant few days, all things considered. I love September weather. The mountains are starting to turn, and maybe it's the lizard brain programming but smelling the air, feeling the crispness of it all, I get a sense of starting over, of optimism, of second chances. I was walking around the other day and passed through a cloud of slightly diffused cigarette smoke and BAM, I was back at Sheridan walking through the back doors into the animation wing. I had to chuckle at myself. I hadn't realized fall air mixed with cigarette smoke made me remember school.

Speaking of school I sent in my deposit for the October life drawing class. I'm excited. It will be good to have an instructor pushing me. It will also be good to (hopefully) have some new stuff to put in my portfolio.

Among many other things I've been working on various comic strips none of which have found a particular voice yet. I've got a few of one that I'll post up soon about as yet nameless cartoon character who has a conversation with his Creator. (Turns out God's a cartoonist. Makes sense.)

Going to the vet tomorrow. I am hoping it will be nothing serious.
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Flying Ace


My journal says I'm 57% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

They have a similar test on The Spark and I've always come out a guy.
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