August 16th, 2003

Flying Ace

The Mega Pushup Update

For me personally, the pushup contest has been a lot of work, but it's been quite a bit of fun. I had a lot of people do theirs last night and while they grumbled a bit, most needed no coaxing to get down and do them again. Most of them broke their previous records by at least 5.
A girl in concessions and I are using each other as personal barometers. She does more, but my form is better. We're really good at screaming at each other to give up just a little bit more. Turns out I'm quite good at motivational yelling. "C'mon! YOU can do it! GIMME FIVE MORE!!! COME ON!!!! PUSH!!!!!!"

I'm happy to report last night though I did FORTY. Yes, FORTY pushups! My best before was 32! Progress!


I'll be honest, the form on the last 3 was really pathetic...but I DID them. My arms were shaking for a good 20 minutes when I got done and felt like noodles for the rest of the night but I was hideously proud of myself. The personal goal is to do a smooth GOOD 50 by the end of the month. We'll see.

Offically starting by the numbers BFL on Monday. Maybe I'll get my webcam to take my start pictures...which I will promptly hide away.

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Flying Ace

Putting it together...

Bit by bit...

My apartment is coming together which is a nice thing to have happen. I say this like it has required no effort on my part except for casual observation. This is not the case.

I spent most of the evening going through boxes and boxes of paper deciding what should be kept and what should be chucked out. Most everything got trashed except for a few important papers and some good sketches. They are now neatly filed away. There is still a bit of chaos to deal with...but perhaps most importantly, I feel like I can deal with it.

It's nice actually. Every bit of actual or potential clutter I get rid of the better I feel. I want to get my home to the point it would require a maximum of 15 minutes to clean it all. It's just a matter of getting it to that point. When I come home, I want to be able to put my things away, change my clothes, eat a quick dinner and DRAW. I don't want to spend my life puttering around cleaning a little here, tidying a little there. I'm too impatient.

I'm excited about getting to go live my life again. I'm taking a life drawing class on Mondays (totally excited about that one,) I'm going to sign up for an Institute class on Tuesdays, (thinking History of the Church would be good,) and I've been working on some fun animation of my own on the side.

The Cat Update:

Well, no worries at all for Beowulf. He seems to have settled in nicely and now that I have them both cleared of boxes, he likes to flop on either balcony and look out. He's also seems to want to snuglear more often which is just fine with me.
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