July 23rd, 2003


A little bit of this...

Brass flashbacks:

I had to go and drop some stuff off at my mom's friends house yesterday. I called before I went and she told me she had something for me she knew I would be delighted about. I was a bit puzzled but it quickly became clear as I walked into her kitchen and saw an extremely beat up instrument case sitting on the floor.
Upon opening it I saw my old battered coronet. I played it and turned it over to phoenis_jade. When he was done playing it acumulated dust for several years. Later it got handed over to my mom's friends grandson. I guess he was done with it.

It was amazing what feelings the smell of it, the feel of it in my hands, seeing the new bangs and dings it had aquired since I gave it up. The lizard part of my brain was suddenly sitting in the hot band room grinning from ear to ear. I was astonished at how LIGHT it felt walking home. I remember how my arms used to burn every day lugging it around.

Not today, but I think I will start sitting down and just going through some scales and seeing what it would take to pick it up again.

Been working quite a bit on the Captain and the Shoveler. It's nice throwing ones self into a new project and seeing the results. I went to CompUSA yesterday to get some new toys. I got an airport card and station as well as Final Cut Express. All very very cool. I've been lusting after a flatscreen moniter except the kind I want won't run off my laptop. Need to save some more $ and get a G5 one of these days. (While I'm at it, I'd like a pony.)

Strange dreams:
I couldn't sleep very well last night. Maybe it's phoenix_jade mentioning his aquarium but I was having nightmares about aquariums and fish. There was a huge aquarium in a large dark room. Most of the light was coming from the aquarium. I tripped and fell in through the wall of the tank.
I started to panic and thrash around and fell out through the other side. I realized that the glass was an illusion. I could walk in and out. I didn't want everyone to know about it. I was afraid if too many people tried it, 1. The fish would all die, and 2. Something would happen with the magic structural integrity and SPLOOSH, it would all come apart.

Anyway I woke up and decided I would shove Beowulf aside on the chair and see what was on TV. I heard the familiar narration of David McCullough on American Experience and decided I would stick around on that channel. I love seeing pictures from so long ago and hearing about struggles of immigrants and...WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THAT PARTY?! It was too late. I was already hooked and watched the whole documentary on the Donner-Reed party.
I found myself much more affected than I thought I would be and spent the rest of the night on the couch cuddled up with my cat. Those poor poor people. MAN.

I've decided I would like to improve my geography so I've started making myself flash cards. I'm writing down the names of countries and their capitals. When I get those down pat I'll see about learning exactly where they are, neighbors, currency etc. If I'm ever on a quiz show this stuff will be good to know. ;)
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