July 15th, 2003

Flying Ace

Life and Death

I initially had plans to go to a viewing and funeral today but instead had the classical Atwood Collapse. Feeling a bit better so I'm off to run a few errands (the bank beckons as do two new watch bands. Both have given up the ghost.)

My grandmothers youngest brother died a few days ago. Something that is a bit of a comfort and relief to me is that none of my direct older relations have really had long lingering illnesses and for the most part their mental facilties have remained intact. While I plan on living to be at least 103 and getting twinkled it is a comfort knowing some debilitiating illnesses really don't run in the family. Whew.

Arnold was going to be going in for a bypass surgery this upcoming week but reportedly told one of his relations, "I'm not feeling well. I think I'm going to pass on."
They reassured him he was going to be fine, he was going to have surgery etc... but within 10 minutes Arnold was gone. I'm reminded of the story of one of my great uncles. He had been promised he would be allowed to choose the time of his passing. He eventually was placed in a nursing home...and died the 2nd or 3rd day there. I think he came to himself, saw where he was at and thought, "I'm outta here!"

I rather like that.
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Think I've got something new on my wishlist.

Actually it's a pretty happy day for mac animators and the price seems to be rather resonable for what you get.
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