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Farewell to The Chosen One

So, saw the Buffy finale last night I'm really going to miss that show. Buffy always had at least 5 or 6 really funny lines in each episode...most series are lucky if they get 5 or 6 in their entire run. Buffy just had the most unique turn of phrase that it seems every other show is trying to immitate.
I think one of my favorite lines was when Buffy saw a drawing Willow had been sketching on her notebook and demanded to know what it was. Willow responded with a tongue twister that humbled me for a week before I got comfortable saying it. I don't know HOW those actresses got through that scene without hacking over the line or busting a gut when they DID get the line right.

"It's a doodle! I do doodle! You do doodle too!""

Holy cow try saying that line 3 times fast. I dare you.

I'm pretty sure one of my younger brothers favorite lines came from second season when breaking into a military compound Cordelia asked Xander if it was true guns made guys horny. Xanders response? Classic.
"Cordelia. I'm a 17 year old boy. LINOLEUM makes me horny!"
I had a friend in Seattle who told me about a Buffy drinking game I always wanted to try... you have to take a drink (of whaterver) every time Giles takes his glasses off, everytime something is "whatever" goodness...whenever Xander leers at Buffy...every time a vamp gets staked (at least 4 per episode.) Sounds like a wonderful way to laugh yourself silly and and spend every 15 minutes running to the toilet.

Anyway, I'm going to miss it fiercely...and unlike the Xena finale that so enraged and depressed me, I'm going to look forward to seeing the episodes in reruns and buying the DVD seasons as they come out.
"Yeah Buffy," says Dawn, delivering the very last line. "What ARE we going to do?""

Today I drew quite a bit and hacked out 3 pretty good little shorts to show the guys at the Jazz next week. Two more really good ones to go. I am however, a bit sunburned since I decided to draw out on the deck. My face is fine. My arms are rather pink. On the other hand, I'm sure my "reverse tattoo" of the Irkin Invader logo will look really great by the end of the summer.

Near the end of the day as I was coming in from helping plant the garden I recognized the voice pretty quick and settled down to have a long chat with an old friend. It's interesting...I never would have thought in a million years she would be a person with whose life I had kept up on after high school but there ya go.

She told me several funny stories about her family, (which I am always keen on,)
My favorite was hearing about how her grandmother had to be lifted out of a bus and all these kids who were watching the procedure burst into applause once she got out.

I told her several extremely sarcastic things I had said to friends that I probably shouldn't have, (which she is always keen on)
Possibly her favorite was telling her about my blowup at a friend in Feb who wondered why I was so antagonistic when my friends started dating.
"Well gee whiz, how often do we really get together and what do we really talk about except for "Remember when" and yes, your kids are very cute!"

She asked about xenologue, whose bragability is always through the roof, wondered if she was coming to visit for the summer, (so far in theory, yes) as well as a few other people we both have in common.
It was just a really nice chat and it made me realize how much I had missed her. We are lucky if we get in 3 or 4 good chats a year...but they are always quality. Makes me think perhaps in the next few weeks I'm going to take a quick road trip to Vegas to see her.

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