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A spoonful of sugar...

I love Julie Andrews.

I had a record of Disney music growing up and it had selections from Mary Poppins.  (For the longest time I couldn't stand the tune "Chim Chiminee" because Christy Dixon performed that number at Bethware's Elementary School talent show and had a whole routine where she was in a little tux and danced around and everything.  I planted my feet and sang "Popcorn Popping"  and was sad that my parents weren't there to see me but they were off in New Orleans on a business trip and I bet they were thinking in years gone by I wouldn't even remember but I DO.  I was very cute and all my teachers loved the song, (where did you get THAT?) (my family being the only Mormons in the school made for primary song to sound fresh and novel)  but who could compete with a 5 year old tapdancing in a tux to a tune from a known show?  Certainly not I.)

But...yes, loved Julie Andrews.  I remember one Sunday evening My Fair Lady was going to be on TV and my mom let us stay up and watch it as long as we were very, very quiet.  She was tape recording the show for future listening.  I remember the show but I remember even more when she  got the cassette tape of the BROADWAY version of My Fair Lady with Julie Andrews and I listened to it over and over and over again.  Now when I see My Fair Lady I like Audrey Hepburn...but she was no Julie Andrews.  And the part was written specifically for Julie.

After being edged out for My Fair Lady (since she had never been in a movie before,) she was singled out by a Mr. Walt Disney who had just seen her in Camelot.  Enchanted by her (of all things,) WHISTLING, he introduced himself (and the story goes she didn't believe him,) and asked her to fly out to California for a little movie he was putting together called Mary Poppins.  She got the role (natch,) and in a delightful twist of fate, beat OUT Audrey Hepburn that year for Best Actress.  She accepted the award from her MFL co-star on Broadway, Rex Harrison who had won Best Actor earlier that evening for his role of Prof. Higgins.  The story also  goes that she later thanked the producers of the movie version of My Fair Lady for NOT casting her because then she wouldn't have had a chance to play Mary Poppins and win her Oscar. 

While I am delighted with this story,  I bet if she had been cast as Eliza, she would have won the Oscar for THAT...and apparently Walt was SO convinced she was Mary Poppins, I bet he would have waited for her.  He too, loved Julie Andrews.

I remember SEEING Mary Poppins in theaters when I was 7 or 8 and was enraptured with it.  I loved the songs,  I loved the chalk drawings, I loved the animation bits and I loved Julie Andrews.  Practially perfect in ever way.  And the movie STILL holds up.  The songs, the story, the effects...everything.  And Julie was so young...

I remember later seeing Sound of Music and being puzzled that they gave her blonde hair...because she looked so much better as a brunette in Mary Poppins.  Again,  loved the music, loved the singing, loved the witty lines that flew back and forth and yes,  I loved Julie Andrews.

In later years at Sheridan my friend BJ and I discovered Victor Victoria and we would listen and grin at each other.  We rented the movie and while it was uneven it DID have Robert Preston AND Julie Andrews in it.  Our favorite song was "You and Me." 

When I found out Julie Andrews had  lost her voice, I have to admit I rather teared up.  Because I felt like Julie Andrews was MINE.  That she belonged to me.  Because a spoonful of sugar DOES help the medicine go down.  You should climb every mountain.  The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain and you CAN dance all night.  May IS a lusty month!  You and me, we ARE the kind of people other people would like to be.

So today for no real reason I find myself thinking of her and listening to a bunch of Julie Andrews songs. 

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