Jett (jatg) wrote,

Smallville: Ranty things...

Season Premiere Stuff

1. At the end of this series everybody and their dog is going to have to be hit with an amnesia ray.  Introducing Lois Lane by having her discover a very buffed up an naked Clark Kent in a corn field, sans ANYTHING that makes him nerdy Clark Kent, (oh and nice eye drift down...and ha ha, look, she put him in a red cape!)...and then expecting us to believe 10 years down the road or so that she doesn't connect Clark with that guy who flies around in blue tights rather challenges this viewers suspension of disbelief.
2. Ditto for Lex.  With his creepy stalker cave full of any and everything Clark he HAS to have it figured out.  Plus the whole subtext between the two of them make for an amusing show.  "I'm fascinated by you Clark..."  Really?  Do tell.
3. Lana Lang has GOT to be the most boring character on the planet.  Plus...the actress that plays her has two expressions...and the second one I *think* involves her trying to squint her eyebrows.  Can we just be rid of her PLEASE?!
4. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy writing!  Lana is in Europe and nobody has bothered to tell her that THE DAY SHE LEFT that Lex got poisoned, Chloe got blown up and Clark disappeared?  No, instead we are forced to endure another scene of her trying to emote something and kissing Yet Another Hunky But Incredibly Boring Guy.  And suddenly she's into Art History?  COME ON PEOPLE!!!  Hey...I think she was trying for a confused look!  Oh wait...that's expression#2.  Seriously, what do guys SEE IN HER?
5. Because frankly guys, the MUCH more interesting girl is CHLOE.  She's SMART, has HOBBIES, has PASSIONS and does stuff other than moon about her dead parents who died before she could even remember.  You know what she can offer vs Lana...hmmm...could it be...A PERSONALITY?!?!
6.  Is Pete offically off the show?  I didn't see him at ALL last night. Not even the typical Token Appearance.  Apparently Kal-El did.  And we KNOW he is bad because he is not dressed in primary colors.  Sheesh.
7. Margo Kidder!  Margo Kidder!  EEEEEE!!! Oh wow.  She had some unfortunate plastic surgery done but it was still nice to see her.  I like the tip of the hat alluding to a relationship between her and Dr. Swann. (played by Christopher Reeve in their BEST EPISODE EVER!)
8. About Lois.  I think...I think I like her.  I like that she is older and talks fast and my gosh...seems to be playing Lionel pretty well.  I also like how she isn't either in love with Clark or hates him either.  I think they MAY be trying for some subtlety.  Don't worry, I won't tell.
9. And in a non shocker, Bo Luke...sorry, Jonathan comes to out of his coma.  Apparently with no muscle atrophy or respiratory infection despite being brain dead and lying down for 3 months.
10. And who didn't see The Twist coming a million miles away.  Clark uses his X-Ray vision to look into Chloe's buried casket...(and first of all, sorry Clark, that's just creepy.  WHY would you do that?) to find...DA DA DAAAAHHHH!!!!!  And WHAT was with the musical score riffing SCHINDLER'S LIST when Clark and Lois are looking at the tombstone?!  Becuase...ummm.  Boo.

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