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Two nights ago I dreamed there were "September 11"ths all over the US.  It all hit the day of the election.  Cold, silver and grey.  Downtown SLC had smoke all over it.  At my parents house we could see the jets screaming all over from Hill Air Force Base.  Trains had been exploded all over the tracks.  I was racing trying to find a friend.  I wondered how the election was going and which candidate Osama wanted to win to orchestrate all of this.

Last night I dreamed was being agressively stalked by a former friend.  She wouldn't leave me alone and I tried everything to prevent her from touching me.  She finally touched my hand it was like an electric bolt shot through me.  I stopped cold at the contact and stared at her.  I asked if she was living in the same place but she said she had moved to Las Vegas.  I said I had just gone and visited there.  I saw her grandmother and gave her a hug. 

Last night I dreamed my brothers were in a steam filled cavelike room around an enormous hot spring.  It was long and deep, very narrow on the sides.  It was filled with hot salt water.  I went in and got sucked to the bottom.  I stayed for a long time and wondered why I wasn't drowning.  I wondered why I wasn't floating since there was so much salt in the water.  I looked up and it was like being in a tunnel looking at a bright light.

I got out and looked in the eyes were red and diseased looking.  I thought it looked like the scene in Terminator when Arnold is looking at his eye.  Red, bloody, destroyed.  I turned my head and saw BOTH my eyes looked poked out.  I wondered why I could see since my eyes looked so bad.  I knew it wasn't because I had been wearing my contacts...I'd been wearing my glasses for a month.  What was I going to tell people...and how come I could SEE when my eyes looked so BAD?!

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