Jett (jatg) wrote,

The Sorting Continues:

In no particular order (and I wish this computer had a scanner,) things I have stumbled across in my sorting today:

1. A sketchbook from when I was 7. It was full of superheroes. IMAGINE!

2. Printed out emails from xenologue from 3 November 2001. Here's a paragraph
"I sang a lot in the kitchen. The really flattering thing about these three is they think I have a beautiful voice (Paul said those exact words yesterday.) I have found myself singing all my little ditties a lot lately -almost as much as you do:) But everything reminds me of a song! Smeone mentioned expectations and before I knew it I was singing, "Ah, but if you have no can never have a disappointment..." I am going to have to order a copy of Passion and get them all to watch it. You see that I am very much like you. :)"

3. Found my maestro's review of me in the MTC. "Atwood has a temper! Oh reeeeaaalllly?

4. Found a picture of Mark Hills from when he was in high school! I *think*...I think I swiped that out of the Dart Staff Room when I was on newspaper. He is on stage with some other kids. It looks like it's something for Children's Theatre and he is making some weird monkey face. It's so very, VERY him. me and I'll get that to you. I'm still in Farmington today. (801) 577 9443.

5. Found a picture of me at Girls Camp when I was in 8th grade. I am being the Narrator for my 5th ward skit, "The Dark Cow." I was so very proud of that little script. Ronald McDonald kills The Dark Cow's parents...he's raised by The Holy Cow and then returns for revenge. "My name is The Dark grilled my parents...prepare to DIE." I still think it's wonderfully written by a 13/14 year old, thank you very much.

6. A 1973 Canadian quarter. It has a different back than most quarters. It has a mountie on a horse holding a flag. Yay!

And the list continues.


My dad just came by and said, "TMJ!"

I glanced up from sorting pictures.

"Too Much Junk," he clarified laughing.
"This from the man who owns two houses and a shed?" I queried.
"See," he said, I think a little off his guard, "You must have it in your genes."
"I'll bet," I said lightly, "I'll bet I have a LOT less stuff at 31 than YOU had at 31."

He paused, "Lets 31, how many kids did I have and a wife..."
"As I said," I said. "I have a lot less than you."
"Well..." he started
Cutting him off, I continued. "I think I've done a remarkable job of keeping my life pared down!"


Whaddya think sirs?

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